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Mark Anthony Hamilton from unlocking Your Life. Offereing book to empower and help with emotions, soul 2 soul sessions to find out blocks and what you can do to move forward; also overall wellbeing and workshops and event run throughout the year. Our social media pages have more information.

Tired of just coping? Feeling emotional, blocked and lost in life? The benifits of real practical tools and strategies to shift your thoughts and live life really work. Is it time to get what you want in life?❣️.This is no ordinary book and 1/4 of it is practical applications that actually reduce stress, anxiety and more.

Emotional Resilience ❤️ is a Lifebook ❣️

Who do you know that could benefit from it?

Emotionaly reacting to live doesnt just change overnight, it takes time and dedication. Learn The 7 Steps to stop emotionally reacting and live life the way it’s meant to be. Highly recomend to read Emotional Resilience first.

Soul 2 Soul intuitive communication is exactly that. There are that many things in life that lead us astray and disempower us. Our past, people, environment and situations. Imagine getting a spacific tool to remove those blocks and head forward in life, or even just knowing what is going on. Sure, it is a psychic connection, however it not about a fortune telling and is unique to each person. Mark Anthony Hamilton is just the messenger, the vessel the one whom communicates and explains what he senses. Online sessions are $50.

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Hi i’m Mark Anthony Hamilton from unlocking Your Life.  We all have gone through stuff in life, it just depends on what we choose to do with it; control, empower, love, hate, what are you choosing right now? Are you aware that most people emotionally react to life and either hide, supress or deny something. This avoidance is from something in their past and can be changed, awarness is the first step. I am not perfect, nor ever will be, i just come from the heart and say it as it is, the best way that i can. I might have a psychogy degre and a gestalt therapy graduate cirtificate, but my intuitive psychic and healing abilities far outweigh any of this. I am not here as a fortune teller and more about emotions and total wellbeing, so if you want this area in your life see what services below best fits your needs.


  • Book 1: Emotional Resilience ❤️ Lifebook
  • BOOK 2: Unlocking The POWER Within (The 7 Steps) http://www.MarkAnthonyHamilton.com.au
  • Workshops and Events: See our social media for upto date information https://www.facebook.com/UnlockingLife/
  • Soul 2 Soul Sessions: Online, in home parties and personal

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    Soul 2 Soul sessions are an intuitive communication between 2 souls. Mark Anthony Hamilton uses his abilities to descibe what he picks up and how something is still troubling them and then explains how and what a person can to shift this and move forward in life.