Our body needs the best fuel to perform at it’s best

Good Energy in = Good Energy out

It is that simple!

For decades I tried multiple products and completed multiple workshops trying to shred that unwanted fat; with nothing giving me sustainable results. I continued to blame and complain about why I was overweight, with half being mental, as I did not want to lose weight despite people telling me I should. It is funny looking back about how much I tried to keep the weight on until I educated myself and followed my intuition.

What is your view as to why you do not want to lose weight?

View 1:
I can’t afford new clothes
Eating healthy costs more
I don’t know what to buy
I need to cook 2 meals

View 2:
I now have a new wardrobe
Eating healthy is cheaper
No more medication and less sickness
I save time as I meal plan
I have multiple options to feed my family
Increased energy
Less stress, anxiety and depression

We all have a choice but sometimes we struggle to get there! Our mind will play games and do everything to survive. What once worked for some reason no longer serves us. It does take a few things to fall into place though, which is why it’s so hard to do alone.
1. Remove toxins from your body
2. Eat the most plant based food as you can
3. Make sure you have support
4. Make sure you plan
5. Clean out your cupboards
6. Meal prep
7. Real vitamins and minerals
8. The best nutritional food

That’s how simple it is …
My wife and I guide people everyday with this body balance system, the only thing you need to do is start.


There are three golden rules that I follow

  1. Eat a plant-based food intake (Portion controlled, mineral based, vitamins, probiotics and affordable)
  2. Cleanse regularly with the best products (Not detox, using a plant-based system)
  3. Have the right mentor to guide you to fulfill your goals (Jackie and Mark Hamilton)

For me and my wife, words alone cannot explain what this has done for us and our 5 children, however, I will explain a little now.

I was a carpenter weighing over 125kg, although I was physically fit and able, I ate takeaway a lot. Takeaway is ok, in moderation, however, people need to make money. Looking deeper into it, so much of my diet was imported foods, toxic and processed. In addition, working with chemicals I was absorbing toxins in addition to my food intake. Over the years I did eat super healthy and got plenty of exercises, however, I could not lose more than 2-3 kg. The main reason for this is that my body was holding onto the fat and my metabolism was not working. I then started a nutritional cleansing system that not just fueled my body with the right stuff by removing the crap that was holding me back. The funny thing was, even though I lost 10kg in my first month my wife told me to stop what I was using was synthetic, and so I did. Around 1.5 years later my wife Jackie started the same system and lost weight too. After 3 months she said you should get back onto this as it does work and I was wrong. After another couple of months, I did, after selling some furniture to get started, as I was not working fulltime at that time. Now since 2015 I am still going strong and regularly work 15 hours a day, starting at 4:30 am and in bed at around 10 pm. Keeping a work and home balance with 5 kids is very important to me, without eating right I would not be able to do it.

Jackie my wife only started after my son’s teacher got sick with cancer and was on the brink of not being around to then start the same program that I started to use when I first started. Jackie spoke to Sharon and did her own research and learned what this was all about and got the real facts. You see, there are many skeptics about everything, just because they had a bad experience and try and push their beliefs onto them. Friends tend to do that as they believe they know best. It is like a bucket of crabs, if one crab was to try and climb out, all the other crabs would pull the other crab down keeping it safe. Little did they know that the ocean was just next to the bucket. 

Now it is your choice, and your own research to discover what to do. It is not about if you need to do something like this it is just a matter of when. Sadly our world is full of toxins, without much hope for the future for nutritional food in supermarkets. This is why there is a 30-day money back guarantee on your first monthly order! Imagine that, a company that will back it’s own product and has service that is world class. So I invite you to watch the video on the following link and see if it is the right fit for you. Please remember though to not sign up right now and get hold of Jackie or myself, as we want to make sure you select what is right for you. We also run various food parties where we educate you about the system and options that you can have. 


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