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Mark Anthony Hamilton

Intutiive Psychic & Coach

Energy is all around us, some people can feel it, some can see it and others understand it. 

Looking at our food as energy it will fuel our body so that we can survive and be active; the better the food the better the energy that we have. As four our soul, our spirit that is slightly different, it comes in through our left palm and healds to our heart where it then gets directed to where we need it. Over time our energy will become flat and it can bipass our heart and we become blocked, this can form stress, anxiousnous and even illness as we need our energy flow to clear our body. 

Mark Anthony Hamilton – Soul 2 Soul Intuitive Reader and Healer.

Mark soul communicates with another person’s soul within his intuitive/psychic sessions. Most times the information is specifically related to someone’s past where they are being held back and blocked in life. Then he receives information as to how to resolve empower or whatever is needed to move forward in one’s life. Mark feels everyone deserves to live each day fully, without limitations, self-sabotage, guilt, or triggers and blocks. By communicating with another person’s soul Mark’s soul delivers messages regarding problematic areas, restrictive behaviours holding back one’s progress and flow. Tools and strategies are shared and explained to help resolve those past setbacks.

Soul 2 Soul connections enable Mark to see a person’s total well-being and give guidance for a true empowered change.

Soul 2 Soul Appointments are $50 for 30 mins online

Soul 2 Soul Parties are $375 for 1.5 hours in your own home (Max 15 people) Brisbane to Gold Coast


Unlocking The POWER Within – The 7 Steps

Available as a paperback (Please contact us to order – $20 delivered in Australia)

or Online (Click the image for direct access) 

Complete Body Balance

Fuel For The Body

Complete body balance covers nutrition, cleansing, food structures and mindfulness. So many times, people get the urge to get fit or lose weight only to find it not last for some reason. There are multiple reasons why and alongside me is my wife Jackie, who helps with the technical side of things. Two of the biggest reasons of sustainability of our health is our mindset and simultaneously our toxin build up. We cover both of these in depth and it is unique to each individual. Please remember though that we can provide you with the tools and strategies along with a plan, although you still must do your work and I am not talking about exercise. This is not about exercise although it’s beneficial, this system is focused on nutritional balance and toxin release.

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